Letterpress Business cards

Starting off the week with a look at some business cards that are hot of the press! Whether your an established business or just starting your Etsy shop, having cards is a great way to let potential clients know you've got it together. We print your business stationery on the same luxe, cotton paper we use for wedding invitations. It gives your cards an elevated look and feel that your clients will be sure to remember.  

Despite their size, there's a ton of options to make your card stand out in a crowd. We offer all of the same print methods available on our wedding invitations, here's that post in case you missed it. You can also choose to use an updated paper color, print with foil, or duplex your cards. This option allows you to use two different colors of paper, or use the thicker sides to do edge painting. You can pop your edges with a fun color or metallic foil. Either option makes for a handsome stack of cards. 

Some people come to us with their logos ready to print. Other people are so busy getting their company up and running, we'll jump in and take the logo design and branding off their plates and put together the full package for them. Whatever your needs, we're happy to help and talk through all your ideas with you! Drop us a line at hello@printerettepress.com and we'll get started.