Catherine's Favorite Tools


Today, we are letting Catherine nerd-out about all of her must have tools to do what she does so well...

1. Palette: My favorite paints of all are a set of German gouache by Pelikan. It's something I normally would have never picked up - I largely have only used watercolor in the past and the box had ridiculous cartoon elephants on it - but the woman at my favorite art supply store in Minneapolis told me it was her absolute favorite. It's mine now too! The colors are fantastic and are much more saturated and rich than watercolor. But, they can be diluted with enough water to achieve the same affect as watercolor so it's a win in both cases.

2. My current drawing pens of choice are made by Le Pen (those cute super skinny colored pens you've seen everywhere). I keep an assortment of 0.3, 0.5, and 0.8s on hand but the 0.3 is my go-to for most of my illustrations.

3. My favorite pencil to pair with the eraser tool is made by Delfonics and is super sharp and fits nicely in my hand. Plus it's minimal and beautiful. I geek out over supplies like that. 

4. Some of my most-used tools are fine paint brushes. I use these most for lettering and am very very picky about them. I go between a 0-round and a 2-round depending on how fine I like the ligatures and details. 

5. The bone folder. We buy these by the handful and lose them all the time because they're so useful for so many purposes! Because at times we fold thousands of sheets of paper by hand, we reach for a smooth bone to help us with the edges. It's one of the more satisfying tools I use!

6. "Where's my eraser tool!?!" is something that I'm certain the poor Printerette team wouldn't mind never hearing me say again. But I love this thing! You know how the eraser on mechanical pencils is always used up super quickly, leaving you with a useless eraser-less pencil? Cry no more friends. 

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