Color Crushes - Cornflower Blue


If there's something we love more than the average person, it's color pallets. Color brings printing to life and gives each project that we do a whole personality of it's own. In this mini series we will be sharing a few of our favorite color trends that we feel inspired by. So lets start this bad boy off with some Cornflower Blue.

This color is the perfect medium between a purpley-blue that hasn't quite made it's way into the purple spectrum. You could potentially say it's having a slight identity crisis, but that's what's really charming us. As Catherine might put it, "it's the color of our appendages in Minnesota winters", which thankfully has started coming to an end. 

Here is an example of a wedding suite that was just produced for a lovely local couple Laura & Jeff. We love everything about their wedding, from their invitations (we might be biased here), to location and overall theme - we are really looking forward to seeing photos of the entire day put together! For now, here's a little run down:

  1. The invitation: Catherine created original watercolor artwork, and paired that with a typeface that reminded her of paper cut outs to give it some good texture.
  2. When it came to the RSVP cards, Catherine decided to create something that didn't copy the invitation, but rather complimented the same design.
  3. This pattern was used for the envelope liners and to date is one of Catherine's all time favorites. It was hand watercolored and put into a pattern that blends perfectly with the rest of the wedding suite.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest Page, to see how we have been inspired by this color!