Local Favorites: Jackie of Munster Rose Floral

Jackie of Munster Rose Floral

In the latest addition of our Local Favorites, meet Jackie of Munster Rose Floral.  Jackie is Creative Director and Owner behind the beautiful blooms at Munster Rose. She's full of creative energy and an amazing stylist. We can't leave her studio without a phone full of Instagram worthy bouquets and arrangements. Not to mention a killer studio space. Here's our Q&A session with her about why she loves wedding flowers.

Jackie of Munster Rose Floral.jpg


1. Where did you get the name Munster Rose?

Short Answer: "Munster" is the name of the street I grew up on, "Rose" is my middle name.
Longer Answer: I wanted a name that hinted at floral without being SO literal. After brainstorming for years, one day, this just hit me. And it stuck.  

2. What was it about florals that got you interested in making a career out of them?

Oh my gosh, there are so many things I love about flowers - the way the same flower can look completely different depending on the season and sunlight, the fact that they are fleeting, the way you can combine blooms and foliage to create different moods, the subtlety of color. (I could go on.) But really, I like working with my hands and creating. Flowers are a way for me to channel my creative energy - plus I love the challenge of working with a product that's constantly changing.

3. What's the biggest challenge of wedding season?

That each day is only 24 hours long. Since flowers are fleeting, you can't start designing with them more than a few days before a wedding. This means A LOT of long days during the wedding season. We pour our hearts into the flowers on those days. And sometimes sacrifice things like sleep. But who needs that anyway?

4. What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

Seeing the bride and groom's reaction on their wedding day. Nothing beats tears of joy and hugs all around.  

5. What are some of your favorite spots in Minneapolis?

Geeze. There are too many to name. Each venue is SO unique and there are things we love about them all! But honestly some of may favorite weddings happen at private residences. You get a real glimpse into each client's life when they host their wedding at their home. A mood and feel is immediately set, and you're not competing with things like carpet that doesn't match the flowers or unflattering lighting. It's a win-win.