Local Favorites: Colleen Eversman

interview with one of our fav. local photographers


What got you interested in photography?

It was sort of on accident to be honest.  First it started with taking photos on my trips and then I had a roommate who was a wedding photographer, she asked me to second shoot some weddings with her and from there it launched into shooting products and portraits. 

What is your favorite part about shooting weddings?

My favorite part(s) about shooting weddings are the little unscripted moments - the squinty eyed belly laughs, when grandma and grandpa are getting down on the dance floor, when the groom cries when he sees his bride for the first time. It's all the little details that the couple picked out and planned for. 

Where do the names 2ndTruth and Kavella come from?

The name 2nd Truth comes from the idea that I want to capture the second layer, the second truth of people's lives. We live in a world that's obsessed with curation and perfection. It has its place but real life isn't perfect and I want my work to remind people of that and that imperfection is not only beautiful, but really meaningful too. 

Kavella is the Finnish word to describe two people walking together. I stressed over coming up with a name for months, and when I came across this, it felt right. Marriage is a walk through life with another person. Sometimes the walk is easy, sometimes not so easy. But hopefully you're marrying the person that you're willing to go through the thick and thin with.

What is your favorite kind of project to work on?

My favorite projects involve photographing people. I love the emotion and life that we express as humans. It's hard to get that out of products. 

Who inspires you?

People who aren't afraid to go against the grain inspire me the most, the risk takers, the I don't give a fu*k-ers (can I say that?). I feel like there's a lot of sameness out there (there being the interweb) and it's boring. 

What's your favorite part about Minneapolis? 

I would say my favorite thing about Mpls is that it's growing and evolving. It's still a small city compared to NY  or SF or LA, but we're making a name for ourselves as a city and I think that's dope. 



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