Local Favorites: See Jane Plan

Jane of See Jane Plan

Here's another addition of one of our favorite local talents! And let us tell you, we absolutely adore Jane of See Jane Plan. Not only is she incredibly organized/talented - she's one of the sweetest people we've ever had the chance to meet. Here's a little Q&A with her about her new venture into the wedding industry...Enjoy!

1. What got you into the wedding planning business?

I was raised by an entrepreneur who plans a lot of meetings and a chaplain who plans lots of funerals, and I have been in the hospitality industry since I was a teenager. I graduated with a degree in hospitality management, and worked for an event production company in Minneapolis after college. I was always drawn to weddings because of their emotional significance. I’ve always enjoyed taking care of people, and I definitely enjoy the beauty and fun of designing the details!

2. What's the most stressful/most enjoyable parts of your job?

The most enjoyable part of this job is definitely the collaboration. I literally am awe-struck by the talent of so many vendors in the Twin Cities. I love meeting new people, especially other people in this industry with so much personality & passion for their jobs. I don’t get stressed easily. Every problem needs to have a solution, which is the mentality I think you need on wedding day. Someone once told me: “Weddings aren’t all roses; sometimes there are peonies too!” which I’ve thought is important to remember. Planning weddings is hard work, but it’s also a blessing to be able to do this for a living. I’m very grateful.

3. What has been the most interesting aspect of wedding planning?

Hands down, the family dynamics. I’m fascinated by each new couple & family, how they interact with each other, and how they participate in the planning process together. Sometimes, I’m the referee or the mediator, and I may even be the scapegoat for a tough decision. I often hear this is worth every penny of my fee – ha-ha!

4. Are you excited to plan your own wedding someday?

Of course! I get excited about every wedding I work on, whether it’s on a farm or in a ballroom, so who knows what I’ll plan for myself when the day comes. I wish I could work with every vendor & venue in town! Can I have ten weddings with one groom?

5. What's your favorite spot to work from in Minneapolis?

All over! Home for me is Loring Park. I love working from there with my dog in my lap listening to the church bells chime from the surrounding churches all day long. I also love meeting brides all over the Twin Cities for coffee! I love a good Spygirl latte from Spyhouse!