Meet Printerette!

Heidi just finished up her first year at Printerette Press as brand & studio manager. She does big picture concepting, client-coordination, and generally keeps us in line. She usually puts together our blog posts, but this time around we turned the tables on her to get the scoop!


Give us your back ground (Where are you from/school/work/etc.)

I'm from a very small town in north west Iowa. I grew up on a farm 10 miles out of town and spent a few summers doing things like picking rock and walking beans. It's as fun as it sounds. I was real into dance; ballet, tap, jazz, you name it! My big claim to fame is a tap dancing scholarship I won in 5th grade. In high school I spent plenty of time hanging out in the art room. Our teacher let you try just about anything as long as you never said the word 'Can't' it was the worst four letter word you could use. 

I went to Iowa State University where I landed in the apparel design program and did things, like work in the university costume shop and got involved in producing our school fashion show. After a summer internship in New York, I graduated and got a job on a women's design team at Target where I met Catherine. I spent time working on several different teams working on men's, women's and kid's apparel. I was able to travel to some fun cities and spent some time in factories working directly with vendors. Last year I made the jump to work at Printerette Press

Tell us about your typical day.

The first thing I do when I get to Printerette is check in and say hello to Moose. He'll ask about my day and get a belly rub before I turn on the computer. A big part of my job is fielding inquiries from potential clients and wholesale customers, so my morning is usually spent catching up on emails to make sure everyone has what they need. 

Once I'm caught up, I'll check and see if there are any orders that need to be shipped out. I really love packing up wedding orders, we re-designed our packaging this year and it's so fun picking colors of belly bands, ribbons and envelopes to match back to the suites! 

The rest of the afternoon varies from day to day. It could be spent writing up blog posts or putting together samples and mailers for wholesalers. My favorite thing to do is research new ideas for cards or products.  I'll look for fun color combos or print ideas and talk through them with Catherine.  It's fun to see them come to life on paper!

What's your favorite project so far? 

This is such a tough question! I don't always see the invitations Catherine is working on until they're printed. It's such a surprise to see them come together at the end! I'll usually spend some time gawking at them before I box them up.  

One of my recent favorites is a Save the Date order. We used copper foil stamping plus Catherine made a gray, marble envelope liner with a illustration of the Minneapolis skyline inside the flap. To top it off, she did calligraphy for all the guest addresses in copper ink on dark gray envelopes. So Fancy!

If you weren't at Printerette, what would you be doing?

I would love to open a burger joint/karaoke bar with really good beer that also had a dog park area in the back. It would be called 'Hank's'. There would be a bloodhound on site to howl if you were bombing your song. 

You've got a longer commute by bus, what do you listen to on your ride?

I'm a big fan of Podcasts. I'll go in waves, binging on one type or another for a week or two. Right now I'm on a True Crime kick and just finished up 'The Accused'. I've been saving a new one 'Crime Town' for the car rides we have coming up over the holidays.

The holiday's really are coming up fast! Are there any traditions you have with your family?

I grew up with a bunch of cousins around. My grandparents LOVED the idea of having us put on a Christmas program in their family room every year. My cousin Robin and I would get into it when we were little and sing about 5 or 6 songs while the older cousins groaned in the corner. We don't perform any more but it usually gets talked about every year.

What was your best and worst Christmas Gift growing up?

I don't know if it was the best, but I distinctly remember when we got our first desktop computer and dial-up internet. It was bright teal and HUGE but my brother and I were super pumped to download music and chat on AIM. It was a big step up from the Oregon Trail days.

The worst present I ever got was a tea-party set. It was a big set with all the bells and whistles and Barbie's face plastered all over it.  I was 17.

What do you do for fun now that it's getting so cold and dark?

My husband and I really like cooking and baking.  Once it gets super cold, we usually come up with a few new things to try each week.  I had pretty good luck with a sourdough starter last year which I've been meaning to start up again.  Having a warm house smelling like fresh bread is the best!

What if we make you leave the house?

UGH! Fine. My perfect day would start with a very large cup of coffee and taking the dogs on a long walk or to the dog park. One is a husky mix and goes nuts for the cold and snow. After that, we would make our way over to Nighthawks in South Minneapolis for brunch and possibly another (boozy) coffee. I would spend the afternoon wandering around the Mid-Town Global Market. There are a ton of places to browse through and pick up bites to eat along the way (are you sensing a theme yet?). After that, I would head up to Columbia Heights Theater to watch the live organist before the movie. They have the best, self-produced clip before the movie asking you to turn off your phone and behave during the movie. It's kind of a hike to get there but just an all around fun experience. After the movie, we'd head back to our neighborhood, pick up the dogs and grab a night cap at Wild Minds brewery.