Pinch Me

You guys - I am one of those freak fans of Design Sponge that reads it religiously not only once a day, but multiple times a day and it's been a long-time goal of mine to see Printerette featured. YOU GUYS! I was fiddling with something in the booth last week, turned around, and there they were! Design Sponge peeps! Thankfully, only my sister-in-law Marie can attest to my psychotic behavior when Grace and Amy appeared in our Printerette booth at the Stationery Show. (Sorry Grace and Amy for being a freak, and sorry Marie for embarrassing you!).

So, lookie here, Dear Readers:

Goal accomplished.

Full story here.

I want to write a really solid post on the NSS for you millions of readers out there. It was such a fantastic experience. We made super great contacts, had a lot of learnings, and were blown away inspired by all the amazing exhibitors there. More on them, especially, coming soon.




[photo credit: Design Sponge]