Printerette FAQ's: Blind Letterpress

While we will always love the combination of bright watercolor with letterpress, we're really into the subtle texture of blind letterpress.

To create the blind letterpress, we create a plate of the design we'd like to impress on the paper.  The plate is set on the press and checked a few times to get the placement just right. Then we run the paper through like we would for a regular letterpress job, just with out the ink. Every time the paper hits the press, the plate will be pressed into the paper creating an indent of the design.

We're able to adjust how hard the plate hits the paper to make sure the design comes through. It can sometimes create a bit of texture on the opposite side, so it's not always idea for double sided projects. If we print on our extra thick 220# paper we can really hit it with the plates and not worry about extra texture on the back.