Printerette FAQ's: wedding day paper

So now that you've ordered your wedding invitations, carefully bundled them up in their monogramed belly band, and sealed them in their lined envelopes; it's time to talk through the paper items you can use for the day of the wedding. Much like wedding invitations, there are tons of options to choose from. Some weddings use everything listed below and some just need a few programs printed. There's no right or wrong way to do it


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If you have a large number of out of town guests or are doing a destination wedding weekend, Welcome Cards are a good way to greet your guests. You can include a note to thank them for coming along side the itinerary for the weekend's events. You can also include a list of things to do while they're in town and even a map to guide them around the city



Also known as your guests' cheat sheet. It introduces them to the members of your wedding party and the side of the family they may not know. It also gives them a run down of what's happening in the ceremony. Many times, this information can fit on a single card, sometimes front and back. Other times, it's more beneficial to have a booklet. Booklets are preferred for more elaborate ceremonies with lots of information to get across to the guest. 



If your guests are anything like the gals at Printerette, they'll be really excited about what you're serving at the reception. You can give your guests the full details of the sides and appetizers, as well as what's to come for dessert. It's great for people with special diets or those of us who may want to negotiate a trade at the table.



Escort Cards are an informal way to tell your guests which table they'll be sitting at. They can be organized at a table when they enter or displayed in a fun way for them to grab and bring to their seat. you can also use shapes and symbols to let the wait staff know which meal they'll be getting. 


Place cards are a more formal way to let your guests know where they're sitting. While escort cards direct them to the table, place cards are at direct them to their individual seat. These can be tented or flat depending on how you'd like to set your table.


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Table numbers are displayed on each table to make it easy for guests to find their way to their seats. While it's common for to use numerals for each table, sometimes the couple will get creative and use names of places that are important to them as the name for each table. 


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If you're doing favors for each guest, you may want to include a small favor card. It's another way to thank them for coming and in some cases, give a bit of an explanation of why you chose the item for your favor. 


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Other wedding signs can be used to call out other odds and ends that you don't want your guests to miss. This can include larger items that direct your guests to the reception hall or smaller pieces that call out your signature cocktail for the evening. We love seeing what couples come up with and are happy to help if you need some ideas. You name it, we've made it! Whatever you choose, they're a way to get some more of your personality across to all of those invited. 




Are you a couple that decided to forgo the big wedding bash in favor of a very small ceremony or eloped in secret? Wedding announcements are a way to let your friends and family know you tied the knot and introduce yourselves as a married couple.


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Get those fingers warmed up! Wether you had a giant wedding with hundreds of guests or the two of you eloped, chances are you're getting showered gifts and notes of congratulations. Custom Thank You Cards let guest know how much they mean to you and remind them of how much fun they had celebrating with you.