RSVPs: The Big Question

rsvp: paper vs. digital

A common question that we get from a lot of our brides is "do I really need to include an RSVP card with you invitation or can I ask my guests to reply online?"

In today's technologically savvy world, digital RSVPs are definitely a viable option. But a traditional mail-back card and envelope remains the most popular. Here are a couple pros/cons to each method to give you a little bit to think about.

paper rsvp pros/cons:

PROS: 1. Sending a paper RSVP is easy-peasy for all generations. 2. You have a physical keepsake of each guest's response that you can hold onto - which can be a really lovely thing to flip through after the wedding! An added bonus if your RSVP cards are more interactive - like a mad lib pictured above!

CONS: 1. You have to pay for return postage, which, at 49-cents can definitely add up in larger quantities.

digital rsvp pros/cons:

PROS: 1. Gives you the ability to ensure individuals attending your wedding will visit your wedding website for all of the additional event information you may have spelled out there. 2. It's a very easy way to keep track of your guest count (assuming everyone RSVPS correctly).

CONS: 1. You can't be positive that everyone you are inviting to your wedding is tech savvy (sorry, old timers). 2. Stationery-wise, this option isn't always a cost savings, because you'll likely need a card directing guests to your website.