this year, we are planning ahead for valentine's day!


Although it's one of our favorite times of the year, it seems as though Valentine's Day always sneaks up on us! This year, we are getting our favorite cards picked out early for our Valentines'. Here are a few of our favorite picks from the Printerette collection:

Catherine: Every year I give my mister our tried-and-true classic - the Hottie card - because I love it so much (and he loves Sriracha so much)!

Judith: I'm sending the Favorite Things card to my cousin in the Netherlands this year. I love the tiny Birkenstocks and ACDC shirt on this one! 

Moose: I M sendin this card 2 my lady frend 2 doors down. (Editor's note: sorry). 

Heidi: "I want to squeeze you so hard" is my favorite sentiment! It works for everyone. In this case: my husband! 

Molly: I'm getting married this summer so "You and Me Forever and Ever" feels appropriate this Valentines Day!

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