Fine craftsmanship and creative, personalized design is what makes our world go ’round. Creating inspirational paper goods for our clients is what we live for, and we are delighted to share our work with you.



From Scratch: Each invitation suite starts with a conversation. We love getting to know our clients and putting together the details that will soon become the perfect pieces for their event. We ask loads of questions (and sometimes they’re a little weird!) to really get to know you  and your event. 



The beginning of the design process is where we start to get our hands a little dirty. Most of the lettering and illustration you see in our work starts out the old school way- as an original sketch on a sheet of paper.  We pull out the sketchbook, watercolors, and inks to create our signature hand drawn, illustrated look. It’s the look that sets us apart. 



Nearly everything we print uses the time-honored art of letterpress printing, it’s a very hands on process. Letterpress printing requires individual plates for each color. We set them on the machine and tweak the position until its just right.  Your finished piece has been run through the press one time for each color. The inks are hand mixed to match custom colors before the paper is run through the press. After printing, we individually cut each piece to size. 



We’re here to help every step of the way! We can help answer your questions from the invitation wording all the way to envelope colors. We do spot checks for quality throughout the entire printing process. When everything is cut and ready to ship, we inspect each order by hand before carefully packing your invitations.  Every piece that leaves our door has been lovingly hand touched through out the process.