letterpress printing 

We don't just print our own designs! Whether you are an amazing graphic designer and are familiar with printing or your best friend designed your wedding invitation and you need someone to print them, we love to take on custom print projects. Read more below and contact us for more details.

What print methods do you offer?

We offer letterpress, foil stamping and digital/flat printing. We can stick to one print method or mix all three!

Letterpress is a hands on, antique printing technique.  Ink is pressed into the surface of the paper creating an impression and texture. We create a polymer plate for each color used and the finished piece will be run through the press one time for each color used.  We hand mix our inks and can match just about any color under the sun!

Foil Stamping is similar to letterpress with a few key changes. In place of ink, shiny foil sheets are stamped into the paper with a heated metal die to create an impression on the surface of the paper.  The result is a shiny metallic finish rather than a flat solid ink. We can do a range of metal finishes and color. Inquire for more information!

Digital/Flat Printing is ideal for designs that require large swaths of color or watercolor gradients. The ink lays flat on the surface of the paper creating a smooth surface. 

What kind of paper do you use?

Our House paper is ideal for letterpress printing. It’s a tree free paper made from 100% cotton with a luxe hand feel and lofty appearance. We stock bright and natural white in both 110# and 220# weights. If there’s a paper out there that you’ve seen and loved let us know! We’d be happy to explore other options with you. 

What turn around time can I expect?

Once we have an approved design, printing generally takes 15 business days. We an sometimes accommodate rush shipping, please inquire for details!

can you print something I’ve already designed?

We’d be happy to! Send a file of your artwork along with a description of what you have in mind. We can provide guidance on the right print methods to bring your idea to life.  We’ll also provide some information on how to prep your artwork for printing to make sure you get exactly what you envisioned.  

What if I’m not sure how to prep my file?

We can jump on the phone and walk you through a few of the steps, or if design software just isn’t your thing, we can make the updates for you.  We charge an hourly fee for file updates- contact us for a quote.

Can you help me design my project?

Absolutely! We can help with custom stationery, birthday invitations or branding packages for your new business. Whatever you’re cooking up, reach out and we can put together some options for you. 

Business Card Printing

Letterpress business cards start at $120 for 100 letterpressed cards. We can print anything from super simple to super fancy. Get in touch with us for more information.  


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