the studio

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about catherine

Catherine Polacek is the creative force and founder of Printerette Press. Trained and working as a clothing designer, Catherine’s love for design shifted from fabric to paper when she acquired a hundred-year-old Chandler & Price platen press. Printerette was born! Today, the shop is abuzz with three vintage presses.

About The Team


morgan: Printer Extraordinaire

If you've ever ordered anything from Printerette Press, it's guaranteed that this gal has lovingly prepped, printed, cut and folded it. Morgan is our print master around here and we couldn't get through our orders without her.


HEIDI: Brand & Studio Manager

Heidi is here to field any questions you might have about wedding invites or custom print jobs. She does big picture concepting, client-coordination and generally keeps us in line.


MOOSE: Printerette CEO and Mascot

Moose oversees all the work we do and handles all incoming deliveries (if you have treats). He keeps pretty unreliable hours but is always happy to meet new clients!

About Our Machines

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Chandler & Price

Our pride and joy that started it all! It’s one hundred years old and doesn’t see as much action as it did in the beginning. Each piece of paper is fed through the press by hand one at a time. It’s perfect for our more delicate print jobs and projects where we need a little more control.

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Heidelberg Windmill 1 

This press is the main work horse of the studio, it's set up for standard ink printing. We hand mix and apply the ink for each color we use.  Chances are your invitations will be printed on this guy.   


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Heidelberg Windmill 2

Foil & Die
Our second windmill has been outfitted with our foil stamping and die cutting equipment. If you have any specialty finishes on your wedding invitations, they'll probably get to go through both presses!