Printerette Press is a design and letterpress studio located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We love the art of letterpress printing for its textural qualities and creating hands on work on our antique presses.

Letterpress printing is a technique that uses the art of de-bossing. It is best known for the tactile and delicate nature of physically pressing ink into paper creating a beautiful textural effect. Using our 100-year-old antique printing presses gives character and charm to each project. 

In addition to letterpress printing, we have a strong passion for beautiful design. From typography to hand lettering, we are constantly drawing inspiration through vintage illustration and novel color combinations.

Meet Catherine

Fine craftsmanship and creative, personalized design is what makes our world go ’round. Creating inspirational paper goods for our clients is what we live for, and we are delighted to share our work with you.

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Catherine Polacek is the creative force and founder of Printerette Press. Trained and working as a clothing designer, Catherine’s love for design shifted from fabric to paper. From a small town in Iowa, she purchased a hundred-year-old Chandler & Price platen press and Printerette was born. Today, the shop is abuzz with three vintage presses.